Republicans Want Gov. Evers To Sign A Bill Into Law That Would Make Careless Driving A Crime


WISCONSIN — The sadness and anger of a father are shining a light on Wisconsin’s efforts to stop dangerous and deadly driving.

“Words can’t describe how angry I am at the person who killed Erin. I’m also furious at the courts and prison staff in Milwaukee County who never punished her killer for crimes he or she had committed in the past.

Mark Hagen lost his daughter in a crash in November that was caused by a thief on the run from the police.

A bill that would make it more expensive to try to get away from police has been passed by the state legislature. That bill has been on Governor Tony Evers’ desk for almost a month.

Republicans held a press meeting on Tuesday to ask him to sign it.

It was passed in the middle of February. It would make it worse to run away from a police officer.

Bob Donovan, who used to be an alderman in Milwaukee, and the grassroots group Enough is Enough, a Legacy for Erin were at the press meeting on Tuesday.

In November of last year, Erin Mogensen and her unborn child were killed in Wauwatosa. “That” refers to her. They say the person who caused the accident was a “career criminal.”

When Mogensen’s father talked about his son’s death, he said that people who cause tragedies should face harsher punishments.

“Stepping up efforts to reduce traffic and adding more educational programs won’t solve the problem that killed Erin. “Painted lane markers and traffic signs will not stop criminals who are running away from the police,” Hagen said. “The only solution to evil and selfish criminals like Erin’s killer is the knowledge that a prison term is mandatory.”

The office of Gov. Evers tells us that the governor already planned to sign the bill and will do so next week.

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