Reckless Driver Ruins Christmas Tree Lane in Fresno, Arrested by CHP


The California Highway Patrol said that a careless driver on Van Ness Avenue quickly damaged the popular tradition of Christmas Tree Lane, where people meet to enjoy the holiday displays.

Even though everyone was having a good time, one driver tried to get noticed by doing something dangerous, which led the CHP Fresno office to step in and help.

Every year, North Van Ness Boulevard turns into a one-way street lined with hundreds of trees and homes lit up with bright holiday lights. The people of Fresno love the magical experience of Christmas Tree Lane.

The two-mile stretch from Shields to Shaw was safely traveled by thousands of people, creating a warm and festive mood. This has been a Valley custom since 1920.

Not everyone, though, got into the holiday mood.

Police say that one driver on Van Ness Avenue was acting recklessly as if he wanted to draw attention to himself.

The CHP office in Fresno quickly reacted to the call, making sure that everyone in the area was safe and healthy.

The person who chose to get noticed by driving recklessly spent the night in the County Jail.

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