People in Philadelphia Are Leaving: Here’s Where They’re Settling


In the middle of Philadelphia’s historic charm and urban energy, a noticeable trend is growing: people are thinking about moving to new places. This study shows the places that people from Philadelphia are thinking about moving to, which helps us understand why they are moving.

Each chosen location is a conscious choice made by people who want to make a change, based on things like job chances and lifestyle factors. As people leave the “City of Brotherly Love,” this study looks into why people are leaving and shines a light on the cities and towns that are becoming popular destinations for people looking for a fresh start outside of Philadelphia’s famous streets.

The Reasons for Leaving Philadelphia

In spite of the idea of a mass departure, most Philadelphians are not leaving the city quickly. Instead, they are moving for a variety of reasons, but the main one is to find work elsewhere. The main reason people moved out of Pennsylvania was for work (35% of those surveyed by United Van Lines), family (28% of those surveyed) or retirement (21% of those surveyed).

Philadelphia’s Strength

Even though people are moving away, the heart of downtown Philadelphia is making a strong return. The city’s head of commerce, Anne Nadol, praised big companies like Comcast for pushing their workers to go back to work, even if it’s just part-time.

The quality of life in Center City has improved thanks to this project. Downtown’s human traffic is slowly getting back to what it was like before the pandemic. This isn’t just because more people are commuting, but also because more people are moving in nearby.

Cities of Destination

moveBuddha research shows that Chicago, New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Portland, Los Angeles, and Austin are the places that Philadelphians most want to move to. It’s also interesting to note that Philadelphia is getting more people to move there, mostly from New York and Washington, DC.


In conclusion, more and more people who live in Philadelphia are thinking about moving for a variety of reasons, including job prospects and living choices. Even though there are stories about a major migration, most people who leave are doing so for work, family, or retirement.

Surprisingly, downtown Philadelphia is showing resilience by reviving itself with the help of programs that encourage workers to come back. Residents are traveling to places like Chicago, New York, and Austin, while Philadelphia is also attracting newcomers, mostly from New York and Washington, DC. This shows how the city’s scenery is changing because of people’s choices and city-wide efforts.

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