People Are Leaving Milwaukee as Quickly as Possible; Here’s Where They Plan to Move


Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, is seeing a huge outflow of citizens, particularly among the millennial age. According to a Brookings Institution research, Milwaukee lost 9,000 millennials between 2010 and 2015, placing 46th among 53 large metropolitan regions in the United States. So, why are people leaving Milwaukee, and where do they go?

Factors Driving Migration

Several things lead to the departure from Milwaukee:

Economic Opportunities: The city’s economy lags below regional competitors such as Minneapolis and Chicago, with a lower median family income, a greater poverty rate, and a higher unemployment rate than the national average. As a result, many people are looking for better job opportunities and greater income in other states.

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Climate Preferences: Milwaukee’s weather, which consists of cold and snowy winters with an average annual temperature of 46.3°F and around 46 inches of snowfall, may not appeal to everyone. Individuals who are aging or nearing retirement frequently choose warmer and brighter climates.

Quality of Life Concerns: Milwaukee ranks poorly on a variety of quality-of-life metrics, including a high crime rate, a low life expectancy, and inadequate educational attainment. The city also faces inadequate infrastructure, like as roads, bridges, and water systems, which require urgent repairs and upgrading. Dissatisfaction with governmental services, education, and healthcare systems drives some citizens to look for better living circumstances abroad.

Preferred Destinations

According to USPS statistics, the top ten states where individuals are migrating from Milwaukee are

1. Florida

2. Texas

3. North Carolina

4. Georgia

5. Tennessee

6. South Carolina

7. California

8. Colorado

9. Ohio

10. Arizona

These States Have Similar Attributes That Attract Milwaukee Residents:

Warmer Climates: The majority of these states have warmer winters and higher average temperatures than Milwaukee. For example, Florida has an average yearly temperature of 70.7°F and little snowfall, giving inhabitants greater opportunity for outdoor activities.

Lower Taxes: Many of these states have lower taxes, particularly on income and property, than Wisconsin. Texas, with no state income tax and a reduced effective property tax rate, is an intriguing option for individuals looking to lessen their tax burden.

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Enhanced Opportunities: These states have stronger economic possibilities, notably in technology, healthcare, and tourism. Texas, for example, has a lower unemployment rate and a higher median household income than Wisconsin, which attracts people looking for better work prospects and higher earnings.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s largest city, is seeing a huge outflow of millennials owing to economic, climate, and quality of life concerns. Many people are looking for better work possibilities, warmer weather, and better living circumstances in places such as Florida, Texas, and North Carolina.

These states have appealing characteristics such as nicer weather, reduced taxes, and more economic prospects. This migratory pattern highlights the need to resolve these concerns to maintain and recruit citizens.

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