People Are Leaving Maine as Quickly as Possible; Here’s Where They Plan to Move


Maine, known for its beautiful coastline, steep mountains, and delicious seafood, is seeing a strong outmigration trend. According to Atlas Van Lines’ 2023 research, 64% of all moves in Maine were outbound, requiring a closer study at the causes behind this trend and the most popular relocation locations.

High cost of living

The high expense of living in Maine is a major reason why many want to leave. Maine ranks tenth in the United States for the cost of living index, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research, and has the eighth highest tax burden, according to the Tax Foundation. It also outspends the national average on housing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare.

Many Mainers struggle to meet their basic needs, especially during the winter when heating bills rise. Maine’s median household income is $60,509, which is lower than the national median, and the poverty rate is 11.4%, contributing to the outmigration phenomenon.

Lack of Opportunities

A lack of possibilities leads inhabitants to seek greener pastures elsewhere. Maine has a low population growth rate, low birth rate, and an aging population, with just a 0.6% increase between 2020 and 2021.

The state’s median age of 45.1 years, the highest in the country, along with a low fertility rate of 1.54 births per woman, presents problems to the economy, workforce, and educational system. Low labor force participation, high unemployment, and a low median salary all contribute to the flight.

Harsh Weather

The inclement weather in Maine also has an impact on migratory patterns. Many locals struggle with the state’s cold, snowy environment, which has long, gloomy winters and brief, warm summers, with an average annual temperature of 41.6°F and 62.4 inches of snowfall.

Adverse weather conditions influence mood, health, and productivity, restricting outdoor activities, social contacts, and travel opportunities. Property, infrastructure, and the environment are all subject to weather-related harm.

Where are they going?

The Atlas Van Lines research reveals the primary destinations for persons leaving Maine:

  • Florida (18%): Attracting inhabitants with its warm, sunny environment, inexpensive cost of living, and varied economy, Florida has a wide range of attractions, including beaches and theme parks.
  • North Carolina (10%): North Carolina is known for its temperate climate, high quality of life, and varied economy, making it appealing to people looking for a break from Maine’s hardships.
  • Texas (9%): With a hot, dry environment, a low cost of living, and a strong economy, Texas is a tempting alternative for Mainers seeking new chances.


In conclusion, there is a noticeable trend of people leaving Maine. This is because of things like the high cost of living, few job chances, and bad weather. Problems with the economy, an older population, and bad weather all make people want to move to a place with better opportunities. Some of the best places to move to are Florida, which has a warm environment and a diverse economy; North Carolina, which has a high quality of life; and Texas, which has a low cost of living and a strong economy.

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