People Are Leaving 7 Delaware Towns As Quickly As Possible


There are just over a million people living in Delaware, which is a small state. It’s known for having beautiful beaches, old sites, and low taxes. But not all of its towns are doing well or appealing to people who want to live there. Some of them are losing people, having trouble with the economy, or having environmental problems that make them less popular places to live. People are leaving these seven towns in Delaware as soon as possible.

1. Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach

On the Atlantic coast, Rehoboth Beach is a busy tourist spot known for its boardwalk, shops, and restaurants. The number of people living there has dropped by 23.2% since 2000, making it one of the fastest-shrinking towns in Delaware. This is mostly because of the high cost of living, the fact that the economy is seasonal, and the fact that the land is easily damaged by weather and erosion. A lot of people are selling their homes and moving to places that are safer and cheaper.

2. Dover


Delaware’s center and second-largest city, Dover, is home to more than 37,000 people. The Dover Air Force Base, the state office, and a number of museums are all there. But between 2020 and 2022, 1.42% of its residents moved away, making it one of the fastest-depopulating towns in the state. The main problems in Dover are the narrow range of businesses, the high crime rate, and the bad school system. A lot of people in the area are leaving to find better jobs and services.

3. Newport


There are less than 900 people living in Newport, which is a small town in New Castle County. It is close to the Delaware Route 141 and the Christina River. But between 2020 and 2022, the population fell by 0.91%, making it one of the least changing places in the state. The main problems in Newport are the lack of services, the damage to the environment, and the traffic. A lot of people are moving to places that are easier to get to and live in.

4. Ellendale


Ellendale is a very small town in Sussex County. There are less than 600 people living there. The Redden State Forest and the Nanticoke River are close by. But it is also one of the state’s least connected places, with few people living there and not much in the way of infrastructure. There isn’t enough economic growth in Ellendale, and people of different races aren’t able to get the care they need. A lot of people are moving to areas with more people and more money.

5. Blades


Less than 1,400 people are living in Blades, a small town in Sussex County. The town of Seaford and the Nanticoke River are right next to it. But it is also one of the worst places in the state, with a high rate of poverty, a low median income, and few people who have finished high school. Problems with finding work, getting along with others, and drinking dirty water are the main problems Blades has. A lot of people are leaving for places that are healthier and more effective.

6. Felton


There are less than 1,400 people living in Felton, which is a small town in Kent County. The Killens Pond State Park and the Murderkill River are close by. It is also one of the most dull towns in the state, with few different kinds of people, few places to go out at night, and little cultural action. Some of the problems Felton has are a lack of entertainment choices, being in the middle of nowhere, and an aging population. A lot of people are moving to places that are more fun and lively.

7. Henlopen Acres

Henlopen Acres

Henlopen Acres is a very small town in Sussex County. There are less than 200 people living there. The Atlantic Ocean envelopes this rich area, and Cape Henlopen State Park and Rehoboth Bay are right next to it. The median home worth is high, the property tax is high, and the homeowners association fee is high. This makes it one of the most exclusive towns in the state. The main problems with Henlopen Acres are that it is too expensive, there aren’t enough types of homes, and there isn’t enough community. A lot of people are moving to places that are friendlier and cheaper.

Statistical Data:

Town County Population (2022) Population Change (2020-2022) Main Issues/Challenges Factors Contributing to Population Change
Rehoboth Beach Sussex ~Varied -23.2% High cost of living, seasonal economy, weather and erosion Residents selling homes and relocating to safer and more affordable areas
Dover Kent 37,000+ -1.42% Narrow business range, high crime rate, poor school system Residents seeking better job opportunities and services elsewhere
Newport New Castle < 900 -0.91% Lack of services, environmental damage, traffic People moving to more accessible and livable locations
Ellendale Sussex < 600 Data not specified Economic stagnation, infrastructure limitations Migration to areas with more economic opportunities and better services
Blades Sussex < 1,400 Data not specified High poverty, low median income, limited education Residents leaving for healthier and more prosperous environments
Felton Kent < 1,400 Data not specified Lack of entertainment options, remoteness, aging population Migration to more vibrant and culturally active locations
Henlopen Acres Sussex < 200 Data not specified High cost of living, limited housing options, lack of community Relocation to more affordable and community-friendly areas

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In Summary

Many good things and sights can be found in Delaware, but there are also many problems and drawbacks. Some of its towns are losing residents because of things like economic problems, environmental problems, or a drop in the number of people living there. People are leaving these seven Delaware towns as soon as possible. But that doesn’t mean these places are doomed or have no chance. They can solve their problems and reach their full potential with smart planning, funding, and new ideas.

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