Pennsylvania MAN Convicted of BREAKING 3-Year-Old’s FEMUR Receives Jail Term


PITTSBURGH- A man from Pennsylvania was found guilty of committing severe physical abuse on a child who was three years old and received a sentence of at least five years in jail.

It was announced on June 4 by the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office that Timofey Freint, who resides in Lititz, was given a sentence ranging from 5 3/4 years to 12 years in jail in connection with the incident.

A shattered femur, internal injuries to his liver and adrenal gland, and muscular damage were among the injuries sustained by the boy as a result of the “repeated abuse,” according to the authority figures.

According to the press release, Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Ponessa stated, “In my ten years of working here, I have never seen a physical abuse of a child that can be compared to this.”

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Freint moved in with the child’s mother two months before to the abuse, according to the office of the district attorney. Ponessa stated that the youngster could have perished if the abuse had continued. According to the officials, Freint stated that the youngster had fallen off the couch.

The judge for Lancaster County, Merrill Spahn, stated in court that you were charged with the responsibility of caring for this child. “Justice would be to turn the clock back so this was never done to this child.”

In June of 2022, the police began their investigation after receiving complaints about a youngster who was three years old and receiving therapy for alleged child abuse. A physician reportedly stated that the child’s injuries were the result of an assault that was “excessive, repeated, and involved multiple systems.” This information was provided by the office of the district attorney.

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Within the month of March, Freint, who is thirty years old, entered a guilty plea to the charges of aggravated assault, endangering the welfare of children, recklessly endangering another person, and aggravated assault of a victim who is younger than thirteen years old and the defendant who is eighteen years old or older.

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