Pennsylvania Man Accused of Killing Roommate and Dumping Body in Maryland

Image by: NBC4 Washington

People in Pennsylvania say that a man killed a man who lived with them and then dumped the body in Maryland.

Penn State Police said in a news statement that Shane Bradley was arrested on Tuesday in Greensboro, North Carolina. He was charged with murder, kidnapping, illegal arrest, sending a firefighter into a building that was occupied, and tampering with evidence related to the event.

Officials say that he will be sent back to Pennsylvania.

A news release from the Pennsylvania State Police states that when 20-year-old Isiah Clark’s body was found at Terrapin Park in Hagerstown on December 17, troopers were alerted by local law enforcement in Hagerstown, Maryland. Officials claim that a fatal gunshot wound caused his death.

State police claim that two women reported the incident in Pennsylvania on Ditto Road in Franklin County to officials in Maryland when they contacted 911.

Bradley, Clark, and the two women resided in a house on Ditto Road, according to the police. According to the state police press release, Bradley and Clark had a “minor” argument at the residence before Bradley shot and killed Clark.

Bradley, 31, is charged with coercing a different man into helping him move Clark’s body into a car. After pushing the male and the two ladies into the car “while under duress,” the 31-year-old is accused of driving to Terrapin Park to dispose of the corpse.

The two ladies were freed, but Bradley and the man left the scene, according to the police. The Maryland State Police later found the individual, who will remain nameless, unharmed.

Pennsylvania State Police are looking into the incident; if you have any information, call 717-264-5161.

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