Paranormal Investigations at Alabama’s Haunted Hospitals: Unraveling the Secrets 


Alabama’s history is rich in strange stories, with numerous locations thought to be haunted by restless spirits. Among these creepy locations, hospitals stand out as very disturbing. These facilities, whose halls echo the anguish and suffering of the past, have become known for ghostly encounters and strange happenings.

In this investigation, we look into the terrifying past of Alabama’s two most haunted hospitals. From unexplained apparitions to frightening murmurs in the dead of night, these locations are wrapped in mystery and intrigue, providing a spine-tingling trip into the unknown. Prepare yourself for a voyage you won’t forget.

Lester Hospital

The former D.E. Jackson Memorial Hospital, which is now a popular haunted house, is located near Lester, Alabama. It is reported to have been the site of several paranormal encounters numerous times. Many curious people have visited the spooky halls, and legend has it that some of them never left.

When it comes to paranormal enthusiasts, the hospital has become the hub of activity. Several investigating firms that specialize in ghost hunting have been granted access to this hotbed of paranormal activity. Scare 4 Charity, in particular, has seized the initiative and is now going headfirst into these terrifying stories.

If you are brave enough to face the supernatural for yourself, you can join the ranks of fearless explorers by taking a tour of The Haunted Lester Hospital. Your experience will be memorable. Take my advice, though, and be ready for the unexpected.

Jemison Center

The Jemison Center in Northport, Alabama, operated as a psychiatric facility from the early twentieth century until 1977. Since then, it has become one of the most haunted places on the earth. It has been abandoned and is now covered in plant growth and graffiti. It is a silent witness to the heinous past it has held.

According to reports, patients at the Jemison Center received awful treatment during its operation. The hospital conditions were so bad that they were compared to a concentration camp. It was claimed that African American patients were pushed into doing unpaid work on nearby plantations.

Because of the Jemison Center’s reputation for being haunted, many people have investigated its interior and reported paranormal occurrences. Residents at the property have reported hearing disembodied voices, cries, footsteps, creaking doors, and even physical interactions such as hair pulling, punching, and unearthing scratches that cannot be explained.


In conclusion, Alabama’s haunted hospitals provide a disturbing insight into the otherworldly. From the gloomy corridors of the former D.E. Jackson Memorial Hospital to the ghostly grounds of the Jemison Center, these places are steeped in mystery and intrigue. Brave explorers, beware: the paranormal awaits those who dare to venture within.

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