One Of The Best Small Town Restaurants In The Entire Michigan


Michigan, known as the Mitten State, boasts a myriad of delectable joints scattered across its picturesque landscapes. Taste of Home Magazine, on a quest to unearth culinary gems, embarked on a journey to identify the best “hidden gem” eatery in each state – places that not only serve up hearty and mouth-watering dishes but have also captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

Herman’s Boy: A Culinary Haven in Rockford

One such hidden gem that garnered recognition is Herman’s Boy in Rockford. More than just a restaurant, this culinary haven stands as a testament to innovation and diversity, housing five distinct businesses under one roof. From a coffee roastery and bakery to a deli, candy, and fudge shop, kitchen gadget store, and an outdoor cooking and smokehouse shop, Herman’s Boy offers a multifaceted culinary experience.

A Legacy of Flavor: The Journey of Herman’s Boy

Originally named The Melting Pot, Herman’s Boy opened its doors in 1979 as a humble deli. In a strategic move, the business acquired The Coffee Ranch, a renowned Grand Rapids coffee maker established in 1901. The current location at 220 Northland Dr NE not only serves as a testament to the rich history of The Coffee Ranch but also mirrors the essence of the coffee Herman’s Boy proudly serves today.

Brewing Excellence: The Coffee Experience at Herman’s Boy

Jeffrey A. Havemeier, President of Herman Boy Inc., expresses pride in the recognition from Taste of Home Magazine. The coffee offerings at Herman’s Boy are nothing short of exceptional, featuring light, medium, and dark roasts, alongside special monthly flavors such as The Nutty Irishman and Irish Butter Cream. These unique blends are a testament to Herman’s Boy’s commitment to providing a diverse and satisfying coffee experience.

The Art of Freshness: Bakery and Deli Delights

Step into the bakery and deli at Herman’s Boy, where the aroma of freshly baked bagels wafts through the air. Here, they take pride in crafting their bagels daily, smoking their meats and cheeses in-house, aging cheeses, and creating an array of fresh deli sandwiches and salads. The commitment to freshness and quality is palpable in every bite, making Herman’s Boy a true culinary standout.

Sweets Galore: Confectionary Delights at Herman’s Boy

Indulge your sweet tooth at Herman’s Boy’s Confectionary, a treasure trove of delights. The confectionary offers a tempting array of candies and gummies, from velvety fudge and hand-dipped chocolates to cinnamon and cocoa-roasted almonds. It’s a paradise for those with a penchant for sweets, and a perfect way to round off a delightful culinary experience.

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In the heart of Rockford, Herman’s Boy stands as a testament to Michigan’s rich culinary tapestry. Recognized as a hidden gem by Taste of Home Magazine, this culinary hub offers an immersive experience, weaving together coffee excellence, bakery and deli delights, and confectionary wonders. As locals and travelers alike savor the diverse offerings, Herman’s Boy emerges as a must-visit destination, showcasing the best of Michigan’s small-town culinary treasures.

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