North Texas Gets Flash Floods And Strong Lightning Hits Because Of Bad Weather


On Thursday night, a flash flood warning caused a lot of rain and lightning across the Metroplex.

A lot of roads in the DFW area had to be shut down to keep cars safe from standing water, and lightning bolts were shooting through the sky.

A strong lightning strike was caught on video by a doorbell camera outside of a home in uptown Dallas.

Austin Green said, “To be honest, I thought someone dropped a bomb on our house.” “It really shocked me.”

Chris and Austin Green took many pictures of the hit and the damage it caused, including a burned tree next to their street.

Chris Green said, “At that point, I knew it was lightning, but I had never heard it that close to our house.” “So that was pretty scary.”

Due to high water levels, several roads had to be closed. One of these was US 377 in Keller, passing by Westport Parkway.

Parker County felt the force of the fast-rising water.

Mel Hadley, head of Golden Reward Sanctuary, said, “It came down quickly, it flooded quickly, and it’s still raining out there.”

The owner of Hadley’s farm in Weatherford said she’d never seen so much rainfall so quickly, and cell phone video showed the water rising quickly.

“Really, my little drive that leads to the back pastures turned into a river,” Hadley said. “And I think it was about eight inches deep on my boots.”

It was up to Hadley to break up the things that were blocking the water flow so that her horses wouldn’t be hurt by the flood.

She said, “This is the worst thing I’ve seen in the six years I’ve lived here.” “Other times it flooded, but it all seemed to come down from the fields.”

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