New York City Consumes the Most Cannabis Worldwide, Study Finds


New York City is the world’s highest city. There’s a strong probability that’s what recent research suggests, as it was discovered that recent Yorkers use 62.3 metric tons of marijuana every year. Since recreational use was legalized in New York State, the city’s cannabis consumption has soared due to its bustling population and vibrant cultural environment.

This finding has created a flurry of debate regarding the consequences of such high usage levels, including potential health hazards and social difficulties, as well as the economic impact on the state’s income and the emerging legal cannabis business.

The Research Investigation

According to the 2023 Cannabis Global Price Index, New York is the world’s largest cannabis-using city due to the volume of pot smoked, vaped, and consumed there. Although marijuana usage has just become legal in New York City since 2021, it has long been widely tolerated. Following that, several unlicensed marijuana stores appeared in the city, but legal outlets have been hesitant to start.

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The study’s findings suggest that New Yorkers are quite interested in marijuana, even though the city’s prices are low. In the city, a gram of marijuana costs roughly $12.5, making it the fourth most costly in the country.

According to the survey, Washington, D.C., is the most expensive city in the country, with an average price of $19.10 per square foot. Though that is expensive, it is less than Tokyo’s global record of $33.80 per gram.

 The Effects of High Marijuana Consumption

According to a new study, high marijuana smoking in New York City has serious consequences for many elements of city life. These repercussions can be roughly classified into social, economic, and health-related aspects.

Social Impact: The legalization of marijuana and the concurrent increase in its usage have resulted in changes in society’s views and norms around cannabis. However, it raises worries about public safety, addiction, and the possibility of increasing access for minors.

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Economic Impact: The cannabis sector has grown rapidly, creating jobs and increasing tax revenues. However, it also presents difficulties for law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Health Impact: While cannabis has medicinal use, excessive intake may increase health concerns such as dependence and mental health problems. Public health measures are required to educate individuals on safe and responsible usage.


New York City has emerged as the global leader in cannabis consumption, with residents consuming an astounding 62.3 metric tons per year. Despite only recently allowing recreational usage, the city’s lively culture and large population have contributed to the considerable increase.

The study emphasizes the social, economic, and health implications, raising concerns about public safety, regulatory hurdles, and potential health hazards. The economic benefits of legalization are weighed against the obstacles, necessitating public health measures to ensure responsible use.

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