New Jersey’s Hottest And Coolest April Days Ever


As another April approaches in New Jersey, residents brace themselves for the unpredictable weather that often characterizes this month. While we can’t predict with certainty what this April holds, a look back at historical weather data can provide valuable insights into what we might expect in the coming weeks.

Record April Temperatures For New Jersey

Turning to the archives of the Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist, we uncover a trove of data detailing the hottest and coldest April days in the history of the Garden State. While past weather patterns can’t dictate the future, they offer a glimpse into the extremes that April can deliver.

The Coldest April New Jersey Temperatures On Record

In April 1982, New Jersey experienced some of its chilliest days on record:

  • Freehold: On April 8, 1982, temperatures plummeted to a bone-chilling 30 degrees.
  • Sussex: April 7, 1982, saw temperatures dip even lower, hitting a frigid 27 degrees.
  • Cape May: Although slightly milder, April 9, 1972, still brought a chilly 37-degree day to Cape May.

New Jersey’s Hottest April Temperatures

Conversely, April has also delivered scorching temperatures, as evidenced by these record-setting highs:

  • Freehold: April 18, 2002, saw temperatures soar to a sweltering 95 degrees.
  • Sussex: Matching Freehold’s heat, April 17, 2002, also reached a scorching 95 degrees.
  • Cape May: On April 26, 2009, Cape May experienced its heatwave, with temperatures climbing to a blistering 91 degrees.

Looking Ahead: What Can We Expect This April?

Despite these historical extremes, this week’s forecast paints a cooler picture. Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow predicts high temperatures mostly in the 40s, suggesting a chilly start to the month. Even as we look towards the latter part of April, temperatures may not reach the balmy 70s until the month’s end.


As April unfolds, New Jersey residents can anticipate a rollercoaster of weather patterns, ranging from frosty mornings reminiscent of winter to balmy afternoons hinting at summer’s approach. While we can’t control the weather, understanding the historical trends can help us prepare for whatever April has in store. So, whether you’re reaching for a winter coat or donning shorts and sunglasses, be prepared for anything this April in the Garden State.

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