New Forecast: Freezing Rain and Snow in New Jersey


Later this week, a new storm system is predicted to strike New Jersey, bringing with it freezing rain and maybe snow in some regions of the state, before the temperature gets close to sixty degrees.

The Garden State is expected to see temperatures in the mid-30s on Monday, according to the National Weather Service. This comes after a weekend with below-average overnight highs.

The sun won’t be out for very long, though, as meteorologists predicted that the state will experience many rounds of rain starting on Tuesday and lasting until Wednesday morning.

In North Jersey and the Poconos, the National Weather Service is predicting snow and freezing rain on Tuesday night and into Wednesday. However, the storm may potentially deliver ice conditions to places further east and south, depending on how the system travels.

The National Weather Service declared on Monday during a prediction discussion that “all indications are that any precip will be light.” Weather Underground predicted less than an inch of precipitation accumulation per day from Wednesday to Friday, and as of Monday morning, the National Weather Service had not issued any advisories or watches relating to floods.

AccuWeather meteorologists advise travelers in the Northeast to exercise extra caution this week as any moisture from fog or rain may cause sheets of clear ice to form.

According to meteorologists from AccuWeather, “the icy mixture can result in slippery roads and sidewalks, travel disruptions, and power outages across the region.”

The Garden State’s citizens may expect more rain and slightly warmer temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday, in the 40s and 50s, respectively. According to forecasters, the precipitation should stop by Friday morning, allowing for temperatures to rise close to sixty degrees.

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