Neglect and Tragedy: INFANT GIRL KILLED BY FAMILY DOG Left Unattended While Parents Were Shopping, Dog Starved


A couple in Brazil was jailed after their 5-month-old kid was mauled by a family dog while the parents were out shopping for a BBQ.

Isis da Silva Sobrinho was sleeping on a couch at home in Cidade Oriental, a town in the Brazilian state of Goiás, when she was attacked on June 4, according to local outlets Portal 6, Globo g1, and Metropoles.

Her parents, who have not been identified, have been charged with manslaughter without intent to kill, according to Globo g1 and Ovale, citing local officials.

According to the sites, each was released after paying approximately $263 (Brazilian R$1,412).

According to Globo g1 and Ovale, Isis’ parents went shopping as her uncle prepared a cookout in the garden.

He told officials that he had no idea the infant had been left alone, according to Portal 6.

According to Portal 6 and Globo g1, the unnamed man informed police that he saw the child’s father leave but assumed the mother was still at home with the newborn.

When he first heard Isis cry, he didn’t pay much attention because he assumed the infant was in her mother’s care, he told Portal 6.

But then he saw the infant and, noticing her condition, rushed her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. According to Portal 6, the toddler suffered multiple bite marks and a torn pelvis as a result of the attack.

Ovale stated that the dog belonged to the child’s grandparents. The dog has been with the family for five years, according to Globo g1.

Both outlets said that authorities determined the dog had not been fed on the day of the assault.

According to, police suspect the dog was hungry when it attacked.

The local Civil Police (PC) is investigating the attack, according to Portal 6, Metropoles, and Ovale.

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