Elderly Texan’s $40K Bank Withdrawal for Bitcoin Scam Thwarted by Citizen and Police

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An elderly grandmother from North Texas was able to avoid losing thousands of dollars to a Bitcoin scam because to the quick thinking of a citizen who has acute eyes and intuition, according to the police. The worried eyewitness who witnessed the woman depositing huge quantities of money into a Bitcoin ATM at a convenience shop located in the 2000 block of South Cherry Lane called the White Settlement police department. The bystander was concerned about the woman’s actions.

When the caller overheard the woman talking on her phone, they had a sneaking suspicion that she was being conned. She informed the officers that she believed she was in trouble with Chase Bank and that she was simply following their directions when they arrived and found the woman.

The inquiry discovered that the con artist had arranged for a ride-sharing service to drive the woman from her residence to a nearby Chase Bank branch, where she withdrawn forty thousand dollars, and then to the convenience shop that housed a Bitcoin ATM, according to a press release issued by the White Settlement police department. She had already deposited $23,900 into the machine, which was a very unfortunate circumstance.

The Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office and the Bitcoin law enforcement liaison are actively collaborating with the police department in an effort to retrieve her money. The entire incident was captured on video from the dashboard camera, film from body-worn cameras, and audio from the original 911 call.

The con artist allegedly threatened the victim, stating that she would be arrested if she did not withdraw forty thousand dollars, according to the police. One of the most typical ways that this form of fraud is committed is by spoofing the caller ID of an institution so that it displays a name such as Chase Bank. The officer who responded, Sergeant James Stewart, voiced his annoyance with the con artist, but he was happy to learn that the victim was safe through the ordeal.

The statement that Sgt. Stewart made in the press release was as follows: “All I could do was visualize my mom in this case.” It would be wonderful if we could track down this individual and put him in jail for a very long time because it is likely that he is also committing these acts against other people. A beautiful moment occurred when the victim gave both cops a hug, expressing her relief and thanks for the assistance they had provided.

Source: star-telegram.com

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