Mystery Surrounds Deaths: FAMILIES QUESTION Circumstances of THREE MEN’S DEMISE


Families of three Missouri men discovered dead outside a friend’s rental home earlier this year are demanding answers about their loved ones’ unexplained deaths.

Clayton McGeeney, 36, Ricky Johnson, 38, and David Harrington, 37, were discovered dead outside another friend’s home in Kansas City’s Northland area by McGeeney’s fiancée on January 9, according to local television station WDAF.

A Kansas City police representative told HuffPost in an email that medical examiners had yet to rule on the causes of death as of Saturday. According to the spokeswoman, there were “no apparent signs of foul play.”

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Jennifer Marquez, Harrington’s mother, told WDAF that her son went to the house to watch the Kansas City Chiefs game, but she never heard from him or his two friends after that.

Clayton McGeeney, Ricky Johnson, and David Harrington on Facebook.

“I was at work, and I never expected to be one of those people who responded in the way I did. I guess I collapsed. “I don’t remember,” Marquez replied.

The tenant did not return calls from friends and relatives, forcing McGeeney’s fiancée to break into the house when no one answered the door. They discovered one of the males dead on the back porch.

Police discovered two more bodies in the backyard, according to the outlet.

The tenant’s attorney, John Picerno, told NewsNation’s Dan Abrams that his client had “no idea” the remains were there.

“They were in our backyard. He does not utilize that particular door. He gets out in front. Picerno told NewsNation that he had no idea they were out there until Tuesday when he was informed.

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The Kansas City Police have ruled out foul play, and the tenant has not been charged with any offenses. Picerno informed Abrams that the renter had no cause to hurt his pals.

“They were his friends.” They were at his house, socializing. If he had discovered them there, or if they were in danger, he would have phoned the police and attempted to assist them,” the lawyer stated.

Alan McGeeney, Clayton’s cousin, told KCTV that the occurrence was “strange” and that the families are seeking answers.

“I’m not looking for anyone’s head or anything, but my cousin was frozen to the dirt for two days,” McGeeney told the site.

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