Most People Have Forgotten About This Abandoned Park in Mississippi


Mississippi is a state rich in history and culture, yet it also has abandoned areas. There are plenty of creepy spots to visit in the Magnolia State, including historic forts and hospitals, ghost towns, and bridges. However, one of Mississippi’s most neglected and interesting abandoned locales is Royal Land, a former amusement park.

The Rise and Fall of Royal Land

Meridian, an eastern Mississippi city that was once a flourishing railroad center, was the location of Royal Land. The park debuted in the 1950s and was owned by Roy Buckley, a local businessman. He purchased numerous used rides and attractions from other parks and ran them on a generator.

The park had a Ferris wheel, merry-go-round, roller coaster, haunted house, and drive-in theater. It also had a baseball stadium where the Meridian Braves, a minor league team, played their home games.

Royal Land was a popular family and tourist attraction, particularly during the summer months. However, the park has seen several problems and failures throughout the years. The rides were ancient and badly maintained, frequently breaking down or malfunctioning.

Vandalism, theft, and arson also occurred at the park. In addition, the park competed with newer and larger amusement parks in the area, such as Six Flags Over Georgia and AstroWorld in Houston. By the 1970s, Royal Land was losing both money and consumers. Buckley chose to shut the park and sell the land. However, he was unable to locate a buyer, therefore the park was abandoned and neglected. The rides and structures eventually faded and degraded, and nature reclaimed the land. Today, the Royal Land serves as a haunting memory of a bygone period of amusement and joy.

Exploring Royal Land Today

Despite being closed for decades, Royal Land continues to attract inquisitive tourists and urban explorers looking to examine the park’s relics. However, exploring the Royal Land is neither simple nor safe. Trespassing is forbidden and penalized by law at the park, which is on private land. The park is likewise enclosed by a fence and a gate, with entry restricted.

Furthermore, the park is in disrepair. The rides and structures have corroded and crumbled, leaving the ground covered with garbage and plants. The park also has wild creatures such as snakes, raccoons, and coyotes, which may pose a concern to visitors.

As a result, anybody who wishes to visit Royal Land should do so with caution and respect. They should also be conscious of the park’s history and value, and refrain from causing any harm or disturbance. Most people forget about Royal Land, yet it remains a part of Mississippi’s history and legacy.


To summarize, Royal Land, formerly a bustling amusement park in Meridian, Mississippi, retains a fading charm from the mid-20th century. Despite experiencing several hurdles, including competitiveness and maintenance concerns, the park currently remains abandoned and off-limits. Its relics serve as a sad reminder of a bygone period, drawing adventurous explorers who are fascinated by its forgotten past. However, accessing and experiencing Royal Land now necessitates prudence and respect for its importance in Mississippi’s cultural story.

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