Most People Are Unaware That New Hampshire is Home to an Abandoned Town


New Hampshire offers natural beauty, historical sites, and attractive communities, but one town is less well-known for a good reason: it has been abandoned for nearly 50 years.

Livermore, New Hampshire, was a thriving logging town set among the White Mountains. Established in 1876, it peaked with approximately 200 persons and a variety of services including a sawmill, school, post office, hotel, and houses. The town prospered thanks to a train connecting it to the state, which facilitated the shipment of lumber and inhabitants.

Livermore had obstacles in the early twentieth century. Overharvesting, fires, and rivalry all contributed to the logging industry’s collapse. The railroad’s termination in 1935 destroyed the town’s lifeblood, which was aggravated by the effects of the Great Depression and World War II. By 1951, the town had just 18 citizens, and the state government formally disbanded it.

Current State of Livermore

Today, Livermore is a ghost town being gradually reclaimed by nature. The only way to get there is to hike or bike along the old railroad track, which is now part of the Sawyer River Trail, a 7-mile trail that runs through the former town site and showcases vestiges of the past.

Discoverable in Livermore:

  • The sawmill foundation was formerly the town’s largest and most important building.
  • Stone walls and chimneys identify the cellar holes of dwellings.
  • The cemetery contains the graves of inhabitants, including children who died as a result of sickness or accident.
  • The signpost indicates the town’s location, name, and height.
  • Rusty tools, bottles, cans, and railroad spikes are scattered around the village.

Reasons to Explore Livermore

While not a traditional tourist site, Livermore is a fascinating visit for history, wildlife, and mystery buffs. Exploring Livermore seems like going back in time, seeing the rise and fall of a once-thriving town. It also serves as a reminder of nature’s power to mold and destroy human civilizations.

Those considering a visit should respect the town and its heritage. Avoid removing or destroying objects and leaving no trace. Note that the path is unmaintained, especially in the winter, thus a map, compass, and GPS may be required for navigating.

Prepare for varying weather and wildlife situations. Livermore, a hidden treasure in New Hampshire, provides a unique experience for anyone wanting an off-the-beaten-path trip. If you’re looking for a new and exciting adventure, Livermore might be the place for you.


In conclusion, Livermore, New Hampshire, once a thriving logging town, is now a melancholy ghost town reclaimed by nature. Accessible solely via the Sawyer River Trail, it provides insights into its history through relics such as the sawmill foundation, basement holes, and a tragic cemetery.

A visit to Livermore, while uncommon, appeals to history buffs, animal enthusiasts, and those looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure, giving a one-of-a-kind and thought-provoking experience.

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