Here is the Most Haunted Restaurant in Texas Will Give You Chills


Texas is well-known for its rich history, diversified culture, and delectable cuisine. But did you know that several eateries in the Lone Star State are also haunted? If you’re searching for a dining experience that will leave you with more than just a full tummy, you should visit Ambrosia, Texas’ most haunted restaurant.

What is Ambrosia?

Ambrosia is a Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant in Houston, Texas. It serves a wide range of foods, from Tom Yum shishito peppers and tamarind salmon to coconut rice pudding and mango sticky rice.

The restaurant features a warm and sophisticated environment, complete with lush tropical plants, iron lamps, and stunning fountains. But there’s also something more in the air, an unsettling sense that’s difficult to escape.

Why is Ambrosia Haunted?

According to the staff and patrons, Ambrosia is haunted by various spirits, some friendly, others not. Several paranormal phenomena have been documented, including:

  • Hearing your name spoken when no one else is there.
  • Observing kitchen utensils move from the corner of your eye.
  • Feeling chilly places and winds in some parts of the restaurant
  • Having your hair tugged or tapped by an unseen hand.
  • Observations include a frozen margarita machine turning on by itself, as well as shadows and orbs in the eating and toilet areas.
  • Encountering a ghostly woman in an article of white clothing wandering about the restaurant

Who are the Ghosts of Ambrosia?

The ghosts of Ambrosia have unknown origins, however some assume that they are linked to the building’s and land’s past. The restaurant is housed in a vintage 1920s-era home. It was once owned by a rich family that resided there until the 1970s. The home thereafter became a bed & breakfast, a legal office, and a French restaurant before becoming Ambrosia in 2009.

Some say the ghosts are past occupants of the house who are still lingering in their old home. Others believe the ghosts are the victims of a horrific incident that happened on the property before the house was built. According to local folklore, the property was formerly used to bury Native Americans who perished as a result of the disease.

The remains were allegedly cremated and buried in a mass grave, which was subsequently unearthed by construction workers. The restless souls of the Native Americans are claimed to haunt the region, seeking vengeance for their destruction.

How to Visit Ambrosia?

If you are bold enough to visit Ambrosia, you may make a reservation online or over the phone. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The address is 2003 Lexington Street, Houston, Texas 77098. The phone number is 713-520-0155.

You may also take a ghost tour that has Ambrosia as one of its sites. The Houston Ghost trip provides a haunted dinner trip that visits three of the city’s most haunted restaurants, where you may enjoy a three-course meal while hearing paranormal stories. The trip costs $99 per person and lasts around four hours. You may book your tickets online or over the phone. The telephone number is (936) 333-0994.

Whether you’re searching for a thrill or a chill, Ambrosia is a restaurant that will please both your appetite and curiosity. Simply be prepared to share your meal with some unexpected visitors.


Houston’s Southeast Asian-inspired Ambrosia serves delicious food and is haunted. Patrons and staff recount experiences with enigmatic spirits, lending an unsettling atmosphere to the friendly and refined eatery. Ghosts’ origins are unclear but tied to the building’s past. Former residents or Native American ghosts tell haunting stories to be recognized. Ambrosia’s food and ghosts make it a fascinating and unique experience for brave diners on a Houston Ghost tour.

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