Discover the 5 Most Haunted Hotspots in San Jose, California


Have you ever searched for thrills in things that you can’t explain? There are a lot of spooky places in the middle of San Jose, and each one has its own scary story and history.

Take a trip with us to these creepy places where ghostly echoes fill the air and secrets call to interested people.

1. The Winchester Mystery House

It’s more likely the most well-known eerie house in San Jose, if not the whole Bay Area. It was built by Sarah Winchester, who was married to gun magnate William Winchester and thought she had to keep adding rooms and features to the house to make the ghosts of the people her husband’s weapons killed happy.

The house has more than 160 rooms, and many of them don’t seem to have any use, and some lead to nowhere. People can take walks of the house, and some guests, especially Sarah Winchester herself, have said they have seen or felt ghosts.

Address: San Jose, CA 525 S Winchester Blvd

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2. Grandview Restaurant

This restaurant has a beautiful view of the South Bay, but it also has a scary ghost story. People who have eaten there and people who work there have both seen the ghost of a young girl.

Some people also say that the lights flicker on and off for no reason and that things move around on their own.

Address: San Jose, CA 15005 Mt. Hamilton Rd.

3. Road Hicks

There are a lot of urban memories and scary stories about this road in the hills of San Jose. Some say that the road is home to a group of albinos who will attack anyone who moves on their land.

Discover the 5 Most Haunted Hotspots in San Jose, California

Some people say that witches, cults, and devils live along the road and do rites and sacrifices in the woods. People have also said they have seen Bigfoot, UFOs, and other strange things on Hicks Road.

Address: San Jose, CA, Hick’s Rd.

4. Road Marsh

In the 1980s, a horrible murder happened on Milpitas Road. Anthony Broussard killed Marcy Conrad, a young girl, and then dumped her body near a creek.

The murder led to the movie River’s Edge, and there is a story that Marcy’s ghost lives on the bridge where her body was found. People who drive have said they have seen her ghost or heard her screams at night.

Address: Marsh Rd, Milpitas, CA

5. Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz

Visit the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, where tourists are perplexed by gravitational irregularities and visual illusions. Despite scientific answers, stories of mystical energies continue, lending mystique to this enthralling locale.

Address: Santa Cruz, California 465 Mystery Spot Rd

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Final Words

Step into these eerie regions and enjoy the chills that run down your spine as you cross the thin line between the seen and unseen.

Unravel the mysteries, relish the scary tales, and perhaps catch a peek at the ethereal realm that lurks among these legendary locations. Those who are daring enough to investigate will be met with eerie whispers of the unknown.

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