Montana Highway Patrol TROOPER’s ATTACKER Sentenced to LIFE in PRISON


On Wednesday, June 5, the guy who was charged with running over and seriously wounding a trooper with the Montana Highway Patrol was given a sentence of life in prison.

Jason Allen Miller was found guilty of running over Trooper Lewis Johnson in February of 2023 and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release in the Montana State Prison after the incident. Miller was responsible for the grave injuries sustained by Trooper Johnson, who was struck by Miller’s vehicle during the incident. Trooper Johnson is still paralyzed from the waist down for the time being.

Miller was found guilty on all counts in April, including attempted deliberate homicide, criminal endangerment, criminal mischief, criminal possession, aggravated kidnapping, and a sentencing addition for the use of a weapon. The sentence augmentation was imposed since Miller was found guilty of all of the charges.

Therefore, Miller will be sentenced to a life sentence without the possibility of release, in addition to an additional 25 years.

Additionally, Miller is obligated to pay the Johnson family more than $75,000 in reparations, as well as the State of Montana more than $1.2 million for the expenses associated with Trooper Johnson’s care, treatment, and trial. “Today, we made it quite clear that we will not accept any form of violence against law enforcement officers in the state of Montana.

What makes me proud is the fact that our prosecutors in the Attorney General’s Office were able to assist in holding the culprit accountable and ensuring that justice was carried out in this particular case. In a press statement, the Attorney General of Montana, Austin Knudsen, shared his thoughts.

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