Michigan Implements Heavy Fines for Leaf Blower Use: Residents Face Penalties for Violating New Regulations


Ann Arbor just passed a law that says by 2028, no gasoline-powered leaf blowers will be allowed in the city. The Ann Arbor city council banned antenna leaf blowers on December 18 after a public meeting. The vote was 10 to 1. Their reason was noise, pollution, and the workers’ health risks.

According to the new citywide law, people will be able to use gasoline-powered leaf blowers from October to May. However, starting in 2024, they will be completely banned from June to September. The much-needed switch to electric leaf blowers will happen slowly to not hurt the finances of small businesses across the region that sell these popular lawn and yard items. MLive said that there will still be some laws that don’t apply when they start in 2028.

Contractors can legally use the yard tool “when doing street, sidewalk and other paving construction work, or during emergencies to protect health, safety, and property, as well as to restore property after an emergency, such as to clear a walkway, driveway or street from debris following a storm.”

People will still be able to use these leaf blowers in public parks, golf courses, and sports areas. City council members think that the new rule will be good for workers, animals, and people who live in Ann Arbor. If you use a gas-powered leaf blower, you will be fined $100 starting next summer and every year after that, starting in 2028. If the tool is found being used twice, you could be fined up to $250.

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