Mass Layoff: At The End Of December, Target Plans To Close Two Locations In Washington


Target Corporation has disclosed that it intends to permanently liquidate two of its shops in Washington, resulting in the layoff of ninety workers overall. The stores are expected to close on December 30th, as announced and announced via the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) system. Target made this choice in response to the problems presented by theft and organized retail crime, as well as part of its ongoing assessment of store performance.

List of Closed Retailers:

  • Seattle University Way: 4535 University Way NE
  • Seattle Ballard: 1448 NW Market St, Ste 100

Statistics on Retail Theft:

Retail theft has had a major impact on the retail business, according to a Capital One analysis. The retail sector suffered a significant loss of $94.5 billion in gross revenue in 2021, with theft accounting for the largest portion of revenue loss in 2020. This represented a rise of 4.07% over the prior year. The paper posits that the increased value of retail theft can be attributed to currency inflation.

External theft, which includes shoplifting and organized retail crime, makes up the majority of theft types and causes the greatest amount of losses (37% of the total). It’s important to note that 9.09% of Americans shoplift, and 74.1% of shops reported an increase in external theft throughout the five-year period from 2016 to 2021.

The state of Washington’s retail industry had severe losses due to theft in 2022, which led to an astounding $1.685 billion drop in revenue. Each resident was responsible for $274.43 worth of missed sales on average, which is 20.3% less than the state average. The fact that thefts valued at $750 or more are prosecuted as felonies in Washington highlights how serious this problem is. Retailers were also severely impacted by return fraud, which is estimated to have cost them $1.830 billion in lost sales income.

Consequently, the overall losses in retail increased to $3.515 billion. The state’s finances were impacted by these illegal operations in addition to enterprises. Washington lost out on about $109.5 million in retail sales tax income as a result of the crimes. In addition, return fraud cost the state an extra $119 million in lost sales tax revenue, for a total of $228 million in lost sales tax revenue. These startling numbers demonstrate the extensive effects that retail theft and return fraud have on both companies and the state of Washington’s overall revenue.

This development highlights Target’s dedication to making necessary operational adjustments to preserve a safe and viable business model. It also highlights the continuous problems that retailers confront in the present economic situation.


Ninety employees will be laid off as a result of Target Corporation’s announcement that two of its shops in Washington will be permanently closed due to the growing issues posed by theft and organized retail crime. This decision is a result of Target’s continuous assessment of store performance, which was conveyed through the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) system. The business ascribes the closures to the substantial effects of retail theft, which in 2021 cost the industry $94.5 billion in lost gross sales. Theft will cause shops to lose an incredible $1.685 billion in revenue in Washington state alone in 2022. Target’s proactive effort to resolving these challenges highlights the challenging circumstances that retailers encounter and highlights the necessity of ongoing adaptability in the current economic environment.

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