Maryland Senate Approves Governor Moore’s Proposal For A Statewide Gun Violence Prevention Center


Sky21– Annapolis, Maryland – Maryland would establish a new center to build a statewide partnership with federal and local agencies to combat gun violence, according to a bill approved by the state Senate on Thursday.

The proposal, proposed by Gov. Wes Moore, would place the Center for Firearm Violence Prevention within the state health department to execute a public health approach to reducing firearm violence.

The bill, adopted 35-11, now moves to the Maryland House, where a similar bill has been submitted.

On Tuesday, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore outlined three priority initiatives for improving public safety, including the establishment of a new statewide center to combat gun violence.

Last year, President Joe Biden established the first federal agency for gun violence prevention, which is led by Vice President Kamala Harris. The office coordinates efforts throughout the federal government to provide assistance and direction to states dealing with rising gun violence. The administration has asked states to establish their agencies to assist in directing federal money toward reducing violence.

The center would collaborate with the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention and Policy and state police to develop a whole-of-government strategy for reducing firearm violence. It would help steer federal monies and share statewide data.

By May 1, 2025, the Maryland Center will review community recommendations and provide a strategy to the governor and state lawmakers for reducing firearm violence.

The center’s staff would also present a state plan to prevent gun violence through public health methods by May 1, 2029.

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