Man Arrested for Kidnapping and Robbing Woman After Lying About Being Injured

Image by: KSAT

Police have caught a man who they say lied about being hurt to get into a woman’s house, kidnapped her, and then stole her car.

Trevor Morse, who is 26 years old, is charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery, which are both first-degree crimes. As a third-degree crime, he is also charged with felon in possession of a firearm. As a state felony, he is charged with unauthorized use of a car. The amount of his bonds is $235,000.

A woman told police that Morse knocked on her door and said he was hurt, according to the statement for his arrest. She said they knew each other a little but had met before. The name she knew him by was “Tre Ru.”

The statement says that Morse told her he needed to go inside for help, but when she let him in, someone else with a gun also broke in.

The police wanted her car keys but couldn’t start the car because of a problem with the doors. They then made her drive them somewhere and told her they would let her leave with her car afterward if she did.

The woman did what they said and drove to several places before they pulled out a gun and made her get out of the car at an apartment complex on Babcock Road in the Medical Center.

After some time, police found the woman’s car parked on the North Side of the city, with Morse driving. He was caught without a problem. And the document says he had a gun on him.

Court records show that Morse has been charged with similar crimes before. He was freed from jail in September after more than four years.

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