Mackenzie Scott, A Billionaire, Has Donated $2 Million To A Nonprofit In New Mexico


ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – A substantial donation from an organization headed by millionaire Mackenzie Scott has increased a local nonprofit’s ability to aid New Mexico families in need.

Scott’s Yield Giving supports NGOs worldwide and donated $2 million to PB&J Family Services. “So excited, we couldn’t believe it, it was amazing,” said Jennifer Thompson, co-executive director of PB&J Family Services.

PB&J Family Services has been serving families in Bernalillo, Valencia, and Sandoval counties for over 50 years. PB&J Family Services offers a variety of programs, including community prevention, intervention, and reunification programs, children’s support groups, a home-based program for families with children aged 0 to 3 years who are at risk for developmental delays, and more.

To be operational, the NGO relies on government funds and donations. “It is a game changer for PB&J; it provides us with a lot of support in running our services in our community,” said Felicia Tapia-Alvidrez, co-executive director of PB&J Family Services.

More than 6,000 NGOs submitted for Yield Giving awards. There were 361 funding recipients, including 10 NGOs in New Mexico. “It did seem like a long shot but ultimately we believe in the services that we provide and showcase that in the best way we possibly could,” Alvidrez added.

PB&J Family Services stated $300,000 of the funds will be used to replace three vans. “Hopefully we will be able to expand services and provide more services, more transportation is a huge piece, and we will be able to provide that,” Thompson said.

The remainder of the funds will be utilized to support operations at all three locations. “We’re kind of making a plan for that now we did have some operational things that we needed to get right off the bat,” Thompson added.

The program stated that this is the largest donation they have ever received.

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