Locals Affected by New Anti-illegal-immigration Law Signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott


According to a USA Today/Survey poll, the majority of Americans want illegal immigrants to leave the nation. Illegal entrance into the United States from Mexico via Texas was already a known concern.

Current President Joe Biden has spoken out against severe border regulations to preserve the founding ideals of the United States as a compassionate society known as the “land of the free”.

The Biden administration believes in providing sanctuary to those who are suffering and are not accepted by the world. The United States already has one of the greatest rates of legal immigration from all around the world.

Counting illegal immigrants, the strain on governments to give resources is rising by the day.

It is having an impact on the whole economy because there is already so much unemployment and debt, as well as the fact that Americans are struggling to live in a highly competitive market.

After years of judicial appeals, Governor Greg Abbott has finally approved legislation to protect Texas people from illegal immigrants entering the state. It declares unlawful immigration or admission into Texas a state offense.

Biden called in a letter posted on X (previously known as Twitter) to prevent this law from taking effect. According to Biden, such a statute is a blatant violation of the United States Constitution.

Some Texans appear to be disappointed by the inhumane treatment of these immigrants.

They appear to be sleeping in tents in the cold, without food or drink. Some others even came out to provide assistance and contributions to these individuals. On the other hand, some Texas residents are outraged by such an intrusion on their homeland.

They have explicitly said that they would not assist these illegal immigrants and do not care what happens.

In the middle of it all, those who have no place to call home are suffering through the worst winters. If the conditions continue, many people may not survive more than a few days.

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