Latest Poll Reveals Ron DeSantis at Record Low Approval in New Hampshire, Plummeting to 6%


Time is running out for the Governor in the state with the first primary in the country.

This is the worst poll for Ron DeSantis yet in New Hampshire. He says that his backing has “all but disappeared.”

According to a poll by the St. Anselm College Survey Center, the Florida Governor is in fourth place, with only 6% of the vote. Based on this, it looks like DeSantis won’t get many of the state’s 22 delegates, which are given out based on percentage.

There is only one point between DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy. Trump (44%), Haley (30%), and Christie (12%) are ahead of him.

Only 53% of GOP Primary voters like the Governor, while 45% don’t. This supports the stance of poll respondents.

DeSantis is still in fourth place, but he has less support in this poll than in most polls in the state. As of now, the Race to the White House polls show that DeSantis is 10% behind Trump, Haley, and Christie.

The most current poll that does a good job of tracking DeSantis is one done by The Trafalgar Group from December 9th to 11th. It puts the Florida Governor at 11%.

Up until this poll, the Washington Post-Monmouth poll of New Hampshire GOP Primary voters found that the Florida Governor had dropped to fifth place in the Granite State, but with 7% support, that poll showed he was doing better than this one.

When asked about his poor showing at the state’s polls in October, DeSantis said that he thought spending more time with voters would help his case.

“When I’m out and about, people will say, ‘You turned me from Trump to you.'” The Governor said on “The Pulse of NH,” “I’m with you now.”

But there isn’t much time left before the Jan. 23 Primary. And it’s clear that people in Granite State are thinking about other choices.

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