Known As One Of The Scariest Places In America, This Location In Montana


From the Native American tribes that lived there for centuries to the explorers, miners, cowboys, and outlaws who created the state’s frontier, Montana boasts a rich and varied past. Still, Montana has more than a few interesting stories to share. There are still riddles, curses, and hauntings associated with some of them, and some of them are downright horrific.

The Dumas Brothel, an abandoned building that once housed the oldest functioning brothel in the United States, is one of Montana’s most haunted and eerie locations. Constructed in 1890 and running until 1982, the Dumas Brothel catered to thousands of patrons from various backgrounds and was situated in the famed mining town of Butte. The brothel was well-known for both its violent and sinister past and its opulent interior.

The Dumas Brothel: An Area of Deceit and Pain

There was no room for the weak of heart in the Dumas Brothel. Men may live out their greatest dreams there, but women could also be taken advantage of, mistreated, and occasionally killed. A large number of the prostitutes employed at the Dumas Brothel were either runaway girls, immigrants, or orphans who were forced to sell their bodies in order to survive. They had to deal with difficult living circumstances, illnesses, narcotics, and aggression from their pimps and clients. A portion of them ended their lives by suicide, a portion were killed, and a portion just disappeared.

Crime and corruption were also prevalent in the Dumas Brothel. It engaged in a number of illicit enterprises, including smuggling, bootlegging, and gambling. Additionally, it was frequently the subject of fires, robberies, and attacks. Due to the brothel’s connection to an underground network of tunnels, both the clients and the prostitutes were able to flee from competing gangs and the law. In addition, the tunnels were used as a site to conceal bodies, drugs, and stolen valuables.

The Dumas Brothel: A Haunted House with Extraterrestrial Activity

Today, the Dumas Brothel is a museum where visitors can go on tours and participate in paranormal investigations. Nonetheless, a lot of people think that the building is still haunted by the ghosts of the previous prostitutes and their patrons, who are angry about the living taking up space in it. Many accounts have been made of odd and terrifying occurrences in the Dumas Brothel, including:

  • Hearing laughter, shouts, whispers, moans, and voices
  • observing mists, shadows, orbs, and apparitions
  • detecting touches, scrapes pushes, and cold areas
  • The smell of blood, smoke, and perfume
  • Having headaches, nausea, and vertigo
  • experiencing memories, visions, and nightmares
  • observing items change, fall, or vanish
  • obtaining images, videos, and EVPs of paranormal activity

The Dumas Brothel’s third level, which housed the most opulent rooms, the basement with its tunnels, and the Elinore Knott room—where a pregnant prostitute was discovered dead in 1955—are among its most haunted locations.

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In Summary

The tragic and terrible aspect of Montana’s past is reflected in the Dumas Brothel. This location has seen many women caught in a vicious cycle of sin and sorrow come and go, as well as the rise and collapse of a prosperous mining town. Additionally, the location is troubled by the restless spirits of those who perished there, who continue to attempt to communicate with the living. With good cause, the Dumas Brothel is regarded as one of the scariest locations in America. You will be left wondering what mysteries and terrors are hidden behind its walls, as this area will chill you to the bone.

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