Kent County Road Commission Urges Residents: Avoid Unnecessary Driving to Alleviate Traffic and Promote Safety


MORGAN COUNTY, MI Road officials are requesting that people stay at home on Friday if they are not absolutely have to be on the roads.

With wind gusts over 40 mph and a significant amount of snow starting to build, West Michigan is experiencing blizzard-like conditions on the highways.

Even so, the roads will be cleared by snow plow crews from Friday night through the weekend thanks to the Kent County Road Commission.

Plows are moving through the county, so they are asking for patience. Before tackling the residential streets, crews will begin work on the major thoroughfares.

Jerry Byrne with the road commission advises staying away from the snow plows if you must go on Friday night.

“Most of these trucks have an extension wing that sticks six plus feet out behind the truck,” Byrne stated. “Therefore, even though you believe you can pass, don’t since the wing is there to improve our drivers’ efficiency and your safety.

“They are illuminated, but it’s difficult for the light to show through when the wind and snow are blowing. Thus, he advised against driving through a cloud of snow dust if you see one as it might be one of our trucks.

Another thing to remember is to make sure that adults, children, and even pets are not on the road when the plow vehicles are clearing the roadway, especially in low visibility conditions.

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