Judge dismisses Rudy Giuliani’s Georgia election deadline extension request


The Fulton County judge presiding over the Georgia election interference case has denied Rudy Giuliani’s plea to extend the deadline for filing motions in the case.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee denied Giuliani’s plea for an extension in an order issued Friday, maintaining a Monday deadline.

According to the judge, Giuliani “does not articulate exactly what discovery must still be reviewed, or why the review has not been completed in the approximately four months that have passed since arraignment.”

He went on to say that, while Giuliani “claims to have filed many motions concerning discovery, none appear on the docket.”

Judge dismisses Rudy Giuliani's Georgia election deadline extension request

A representative for Giuliani and his team did not immediately respond to calls for comment Friday night.

Attorneys for Giuliani, who was charged with racketeering in Georgia in connection with the 2020 race, earlier informed the court that they were “still processing” copious information in the case and requested a deadline extension.

Giuliani is also charged with colluding to pressure state officials to act on bogus election claims, in addition to racketeering.

Four defendants have pleaded guilty in the case, but Giuliani and former President Donald Trump, who face 13 felony counts each, have pleaded not guilty.

Trump has attempted in vain to postpone several legal challenges until after the election. His attorneys have said that the trial’s suggested start date of Aug. 5 by the Fulton County district attorney “would be the most effective election interference in the history of the United States.”

Judge dismisses Rudy Giuliani's Georgia election deadline extension request

The order comes as Giuliani faces growing legal problems and fines.

He filed for bankruptcy last month after receiving a $148 million decision in a defamation action based on false statements he made about election workers to bolster Trump’s stolen election claims.

Giuliani’s former lawyers filed a lawsuit against him last year, alleging that he owed them $1.36 million in legal costs. In his response to the complaint, he stated that the amount demanded was exorbitant.

Giuliani is also facing a $10 million lawsuit brought by Noelle Dunphy, a woman who claims Giuliani harassed her and discussed selling presidential pardons after she hired him in 2019. Giuliani has disputed the allegations.

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