It Will Snow And Even Storm Again Tuesday Afternoon


Tuesday afternoon will see the development of yet another wave of rain, snow, graupel, and even thunderstorms. Starting on Wednesday, the weather will get warmer and drier again.

Monday saw another round of heavy snowfall in certain areas of New Mexico and sporadic showers in other areas. Small hail and graupel were also brought by showers to some areas of the state, including the Albuquerque Metro. Across the state, the temperatures today were likewise significantly lower. There may be a few brief periods of light rain and snow showers into Tuesday morning, but they won’t affect traffic at all.

Tuesday afternoon, there will be even more sporadic showers of rain and snow throughout the state of New Mexico. Expect to hear more thunderclaps on Tuesday as there will be a little more instability in the atmosphere. Moreover, there will be multiple rounds of graupel showers throughout the state. There will be sporadic showers that bring with them mostly modest accumulations of rain and snow, with some heavier amounts concentrated relatively locally. Tuesday night marks the start of the dry weather.

As the state experiences a return of drier air on Wednesday afternoon, a warming trend begins. Albuquerque has yet to experience 70° temperatures this year, but Friday is expected to bring with it highs in the mid-70s. By Friday afternoon, high temperatures will be higher than average throughout New Mexico, and windy conditions will return on Friday. This weekend, winds will continue to pick up, and Sunday will see continued warmth. Easter Sunday marks the beginning of another storm system that will bring colder temperatures and the possibility of rain to New Mexico well into the following week.

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