Indiana Police Arrests Oklahoma Man in High-profile MARIJUANA GROW Site Case


According to the Kokomo (Indiana) Police Department, a guy who was wanted in connection with the murder of a man that occurred in January at a marijuana grow site in Okfuskee County was taken into custody in Indiana. After discovering that Demarcus Tyre Williams, 31, was present inside a residence in Kokomo, the officers carried out a search warrant at approximately ten o’clock on Wednesday morning.

On April 24th, Williams was charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy, and armed robbery in Okfuskee County. These charges were brought against him. The accusations are related to the robbery and shooting death of Harry Dam, who was 53 years old. According to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, the body of Harry Dam was discovered on January 7 at a marijuana grow site near Castle.

As stated in a press statement, Williams was brought into custody without any incidents occurring and is currently being held at a jail located in Howard County, Indiana.

According to the Kokomo police department, United States Marshals from the states of Oklahoma and Indiana have been assisting the department in their search for Williams since May 1.

Call the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-522-8017 or send an email to [email protected] if you have any information regarding the case.

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