In Order To Get A Picture Of Bianca Censori Wearing A Fur Coat And A Big Hat, Kanye West Calls Photographers


You can count on Kanye West to love his wife.

These days, there are a lot of paparazzi following the rapper around Los Angeles, which he used to his benefit. They were called in to take shots of Bianca Censori, his wife. Kanye and Bianca were at a private studio. She was wearing a long coat with leopard print and a big hat that hid half of her face.

She wore black shoes with the coat. On the back of Kanye’s black t-shirt, there was a big number one written in it. He wore black shoes and pants too.

TMZ says Kanye was “very specific” about the shots the paparazzi took of Bianca and told them what to do. On Tuesday, Kanye also put a picture of Bianca wearing the long leopard coat on Instagram and wrote, “DRY.” He shared pictures of Bianca wearing black shorts, black heels, and a white tank top that said “WET” across her chest hours before this. Also, she smoothed her hair back. The reporters had been following the married couple around and were nice to him when they saw him.

Many of Kanye’s recent posts show Bianca with very little clothing on. Fans were shocked when he shared a picture of his wife wearing clothes. Someone wrote, “She’s dressed; someone check on Kanye.” Still someone else wrote, “Wow, no nudity for once.” A lot of his fans didn’t like the picture and were hoping to hear something about his new record “Vultures.”

Fans wrote remarks like: “Hey ye friendly reminder you are supposed to be dropping and album not promoting your girls future only fans.” “That’s cool and all, but drop another album,” wrote someone else.

Kanye is going to put out three parts of the new record. The first book will come out on February 9, the second paperback on March 8, and the third on April 5. He has teased the new record, and many of his fans are looking forward to when it “actually drops” and they can listen to new music. Somebody said, “Album MIGHT actually drop.” Kanye hasn’t put out any new songs since Donda came out in 2021.


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