How Florida’s Manatees Serve as Pillars of the State’s Environmental and Financial Well-being


Manatees are mammals that live in Florida and the Caribbean. They are gentle, beautiful, and very big.

According to J.P. Brooker, who runs the Florida Protection Program for the oldest marine protection non-profit in the country, when manatees are in trouble, Florida is too.

“Manatees are very important to the environment in Florida, and they’re often the first sign of trouble in the environment,” Brooker said. Our manatees will go hungry if the water quality is bad because it kills seagrass. Climate change can make the water too warm for manatees to swim in, which can change their migration habits. Their favorite food sources may change because of it. So manatees show us that the water in Florida is good.

As an ocean state, Florida depends on beaches and sea life for both its economy and its environment.

He said, “Our economy is directly linked to our healthy beaches.” “We have billions of dollars of impacts to the state GDP are driven by healthy Florida beaches and environment.”

Recently, there has been an unusually high death rate among manatees. We’ve lost 25% of the manatee population in just the last two years. The animals are starved to death because pollution kills the seagrass they eat. But Brooker says the group is hoping that the manatees can get better with the help of people in Florida.

What can people in South Florida do to help? If you want to keep Florida’s water clean, don’t fertilize your fields when it rains because the chemicals will wash into the water. Instead, invest in better infrastructure for the coast and vote.

Brooker said, “Nobody wants to be in Florida if our environment is hurt.” “Thousands of people are coming here to enjoy our beaches, oceans, and sunshine.”

One important thing that people in Florida can do is ask the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to re-list manatees as vulnerable species under the Vulnerable Species Act to protect them. To make this change, you can call your area representatives.

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