Here is the Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Colorado


Colorado has a lot of beautiful natural sights and interesting historical sites, but it also has a lot of dark secrets and riddles. Silver Cliff Cemetery, a graveyard in the middle of nowhere in a remote part of the state, is one of the interesting places to visit.

There are many stories about ghostly lights that appear and dance among the gravestones. Finding out about the past of this haunted cemetery and looking into possible explanations for the strange things that happen there can be very interesting.

Historical Background of Silver Cliff Cemetery

The graveyard has been around since 1884 and is near the once-bustling mining town of Silver Cliff, founded in 1878 after silver was found. It was the final resting place for many of the town’s first residents, who were mostly miners and their families.

The cemetery has areas for different groups, such as the Masons, Odd Fellows, Catholics, Jews, and Chinese. It also has the graves of 10 people who died in a terrible mine explosion in 1885.

With the end of the silver boom in the early 1900s, fewer people moved into the town, and the graveyard was ignored.

The cemetery officially closed in 1913 because of empty houses and a drop in the number of people living there. Today, the Custer County Historical Society takes care of the graveyard, which draws both history buffs and people who want to see the lights that people say are ghosts.

The Ghost Light Mystery

In the 1880s, the ghostly lights of Silver Cliff Cemetery were first recorded. They became famous when three miners said they saw blue and white balls of light while walking through the graveyard after a bachelor party.

Here is the Story Behind This Haunted Cemetery in Colorado (1)

More reports of these lights, which have changed in size, color, and movement, have led to more questions and speculation. Some people even say they have seen other ghostly things, like shadowy figures, flying orbs, and the mysterious Lady in Black, who only shows up at certain times.

Despite the many eyewitness reports, scientists have come up with several theories to try to explain what happened:

  1. Bioluminescence: Some people think that glowing bugs, fungi, or bacteria may be to blame, but this idea doesn’t explain why the lights only show up at night or behave in strange ways.
  2. St. Elmo’s Fire: While certain individuals postulate atmospheric electricity similar to that which causes the lights to appear during calm weather, unaffected by wind or topography, this theory fails to account for the phenomenon.
  3. Car Headlights: One theory says that the lights come from passing cars because they reflect off of tombstones or quartz crystals in the ground. However, this theory doesn’t explain sightings that happened before the nearby roads were built.
  4. Ball Lightning: The possibility of ball lightning, a rare phenomenon during thunderstorms, has been mentioned, though it doesn’t align with sightings in dry and sunny weather.
  5. Psychokinesis: A more supernatural idea is that the lights are caused by psychokinesis, which is when feelings, thoughts, or spirits of people affect matter. But because there isn’t any scientific proof, it’s based on paranormal ideas.


The mystery of Silver Cliff Cemetery’s ghost lights lives on, drawing people to the cemetery’s history and culture while also making them afraid. Whether natural or magical, these lights are part of the town’s history.

The cemetery is open to the public, so brave people can go there and see the event for themselves. Although, people are warned to be careful because rattlesnakes, coyotes, and mountain cats may be more dangerous than ghosts.

If you decide to explore, tread carefully and bring a flashlight—the dark holds secrets, both spectral and earthy.

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