Here is the Secret Ghost Town of Pea Patch Island in Delaware People Don’t Know About


Delaware is a tiny state with a rich cultural and historical heritage. But did you know it also contains a secret ghost town that few people know about?

In this essay, we will look at the intriguing story of a long-forgotten Delaware town that was once a bustling municipality. We’ll also find out why it was abandoned and what’s left of it now. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of this enigmatic location.

History of Fort Delaware

Fort Delaware is a former military fortification built in the middle of the Delaware River on Pea Patch Island.

It was constructed in 1815 to defend the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia from foreign invasions. It was used as a jail for Confederate troops and political prisoners during the Civil War. It was also utilized as a training camp and an immigration quarantine facility.

After World War II, the fort was abandoned and turned into a state park in 1951. The island, however, was not accessible to the general public until 1992, when a boat service was created. Visitors may now tour the fort and its environs, which include a museum, a nature walk, and a wildlife sanctuary.

The Ghost Town Mystery

Pea Patch Island is more than just the fort, though. In the north of the island, there is a town that has been lost.

It used to be home to the families of soldiers and workers who lived and worked at the fort. At its busiest, Delaware City had about 300 people living in it. It had a school, a church, a post office, a hotel, and a general store.

When the fort stopped being used in the 1920s, the town was left empty. The houses were left to fall apart, and nature took back the land. The town was never torn down, and the ruins of it can still be found in the woods. Many people have heard of the dead town but not many have seen it.

Future of the Island

Pea Patch Island is an interesting spot that lets you see how things were in the past. Lots of bird species, like herons and egrets, nest on the island, which makes it a valuable place for them to live.

The Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation looks after the island and wants to keep its natural and historical treasures safe. But the island also has some problems, like erosion, theft, and changes in the weather.

The town and fort need to be fixed up and restored, and alien plants and animals are a threat to wildlife. To make sure it stays alive and is protected, the island needs more money and help from the people and the government.


Delaware does hide a gem: an empty town on Pea Patch Island that used to be a busy village connected to the old Fort Delaware. Before it became a jail during the Civil War, the fort, which was built in 1815, was used to protect against foreign attacks.

The state park that used to be the fort is now the dead town on the island. It has been there since the 1920s and no one knows what happened there.

The Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation is working hard to protect this special place, but they are still facing problems. This shows how important it is to keep supporting repair and conservation efforts.

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