Here is the Most Haunted Road in Oregon That Will Haunt Your Dreams


Oregon has natural beauty, diversified landscapes, and a rich history, but it also has a darker side, complete with haunted locations, haunting tales, and strange phenomena. For those looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure, consider taking a haunted road trip across Oregon. Join me as we tour six spine-tingling locales that will raise your pulse and leave an unforgettable impression on your mind.

Battery Russell, Fort Stevens State Park

Our tour begins at Battery Russell, located in Fort Stevens State Park in Warrenton. This former military fortress is haunted by the spectral apparition of a soldier patrolling the grounds at night with a flashlight. Several witnesses have claimed sightings and ominous footsteps, only for the phantom to vanish when approached.

Some believe this ghostly figure is a soldier who died during a Japanese submarine strike on the US mainland in 1942, which was the only assault on the US mainland during World War II. Others argue for a more beneficent goal. Regardless, encountering this phantom will send chills down your spine.

The Flavel House Museum, Astoria

Next, we travel to Astoria, which is home to the famous Flavel House Museum. Captain George Flavel built this Victorian palace in 1885, and it now serves as a museum, highlighting its past owners’ lavish lifestyles as well as the town’s rich history. However, underneath its exquisite façade is a realm of ethereal activity.

Visitors have reported hearing disembodied voices, phantom music, and spectral footsteps echoing across deserted halls. Apparitions of a lady in the corridors and a guy in the bedroom heighten the creepy atmosphere, with suspicion swirling that these are the restless souls of the Flavel family themselves.

McMenamins Grand Lodge, Forest Grove

Our final visit is the McMenamins Grand Lodge, a historic hotel and restaurant located in Forest Grove. Originally built in 1922 as a sanctuary for older fraternity members, this facility is today a unique hideaway with bright paintings and unusual decor.

However, amid its rustic beauty, it has a reputation as one of Oregon’s most haunted locations. Guests and staff have reported experiences with a spectral woman dressed in white hair, slippers, and a patterned dress, who is said to be the ghost of Anna, a previous lodge resident who lived there for 60 years.

Pittock Mansion – Portland

Continuing our journey, we arrive at the magnificent Pittock Mansion in Portland. This grandiose French Renaissance-style home, built in 1914 by newspaper mogul Henry Pittock, with stunning views and luxurious interiors. Despite its splendor, stories of ghostly activity continue. Visitors have reported unexplained occurrences such as ghostly footsteps, self-latching windows, and chilly drafts, as well as the apparitions of Henry and Georgiana Pittock, who are said to stroll their old home, obviously reveling in its beauty.

Portland Shanghai Tunnels – Portland

The Portland Shanghai Tunnels, our last stop, take us deep beneath Old Town Portland’s subterranean network. These underground routes, which operated from 1850 until 1941, witnessed a wide range of illegal operations, including smuggling and human trafficking.

Today, they serve as a terrifying reminder of their heinous history, with stories of restless spirits such as Nina, a sad victim of foul play, and Sam, a sailor entangled in the web of Shanghaiing, haunting the labyrinthine hallways.

The Geiser Grand Hotel – Baker City

Our final step takes us to the magnificent Geiser Grand Hotel in Baker City, which has been a paragon of elegance and refinement since its founding in 1889.

Among its sumptuous surroundings, there are murmurs of phantom visits. Guests claim to see a lady in a blue gown, supposedly a lovelorn guest left heartbroken by an unfulfilled tryst, as well as other apparitions—a mischievous youngster, a spectral cowboy, and even a phantom orchestra serenading the ballroom with ethereal tunes.

Final Words

Finally, Oregon’s eerie allure entices those wanting an adventurous road trip. From the creepy Battery Russell to the haunting Flavel House Museum and the historically fraught Shanghai Tunnels, each location provides a spine-tingling experience with the otherworldly. Oregon’s rich history and haunting locales provide a memorable and adrenaline-pumping adventure for the daring visitor.

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