Here Is The Best French Fries Restaurant In New Hampshire


Who doesn’t love french fries that are deep-fried and golden brown? No one. But not every french fry is the same.

Some are soft and mushy because they weren’t fried nearly enough, while others are way too crispy and almost burnt because they were fried too long. Both of these are good, but not the best french fries in the world.

You can get your fill of all-American classics at a lot of restaurants and fast food places in the state of New Hampshire. But there is one place where you know the french fries will be good. Not just fries, but their famous chicken strips served with fries that are just as famous. The Puritan Backroom restaurant in Manchester, New Hampshire, has been around for 106 years.

LoveFood just put out a list of the best french fries in every state. The Puritans in New Hampshire came out on top. It’s still the best place to go for OG. They had to stop takeout orders on Christmas Eve because they had so many. says that the restaurant began as a candy store in 1917 and grew into an eatery two years later. For many years, the diner has been run by a family, which is another reason why people love it so much.

You can get chicken tender parmigiana at The Puritan Backroom, which is like chicken parmes but with their famous tenders instead. That sounds delicious.

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