Here Are the Highest and Lowest Income Areas in Florida


Florida, with a population of more than 18 million, is a diversified and vibrant state known for its sunny beaches, entertainment parks, and citrus products. However, comprehending the economic situation is critical. This blog dives at economic inequality in Florida by analyzing median household income data from the United States Census Bureau.

Highest Income Areas in Florida

According to the data, Collier County has the highest median household income in Florida, at $37,046. Collier County, located in the southwest along the Gulf of Mexico, features the renowned tourist resort of Naples and has a thriving agricultural sector that produces products such as tomatoes, citrus, and sugarcane.

St. Johns County, located in the northeast, follows closely behind with a typical family income of $36,027. This location, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, is home to St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States, which is famous for its historic landmarks and cultural attractions. St. Johns County also has a strong educational system, including schools such as Flagler College and the University of St. Augustine.

Martin County in the southeast ranks third, with a typical family income of $35,772. Martin County, known for its natural beauty and environmental protection, excels in industries like tourism, healthcare, and aviation.

Lowest Income Areas in Florida

Lafayette County, located in the state’s north-central region near the Georgia border, has the lowest median household income in Florida, at $18,069. Lafayette County is known for its rural and sparse population, and its primary industry is agriculture, particularly dairy production.

Gilchrist County, neighboring to Lafayette County, has the second lowest median household income, at $18,309. Gilchrist County, like Lafayette County, is rural and low-density, with agriculture, forestry, and government services as its primary economic drivers.

Putnam County, located between St. Johns County and Alachua County in the northeast, has the third lowest median family income at $18,402. This primarily rural county, which includes metropolitan regions like Palatka, concentrates on manufacturing, retail, and health services.


Florida is known for its tourism and agriculture, but it also has a diverse economy. Collier County has the highest median family income, $37,046, which is fueled by tourism and agriculture. Lafayette County, which focuses on agriculture, has the lowest income at $18,069. The state’s economic spectrum is clear, emphasizing the necessity of identifying and correcting regional economic differences for overall growth and social fairness.

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