Here Are The 7 Washington Cities with the Most Latino Population in 2024


Washington State is known for having a lot of different cultures. Many of its cities have active Hispanic and Latino groups. We use the most recent Census data and the Saturday Night Science method to look into the demographics to find the Washington cities with the most Hispanic or Latino residents.


Toppenish is at the top of the list. This city is very proud of its Hispanic or Latino background, and an amazing 90.51% of its people identify as such. In the Yakima Valley, Toppenish grows into a cultural center that is filled with the traditions and tastes of its people.

Sunnyside and Grandview:

Sunnyside and Grandview are next, with 86.08% and 85.74% of their populations being Hispanic or Latino, respectively. These towns, which are set in beautiful landscapes, have both a modern feel and a strong cultural identity.

Othello and Quincy:

With 76.93% and 75.41% Hispanic or Latino people, respectively, Othello and Quincy give a nuanced view of diversity in the state. Even though these towns don’t have a lot of people, they are vibrant places where different cultures live together.


With a bigger population, Pasco stands out as a melting pot, with 55.57% of its people being Hispanic or Latino. Pasco is where the Columbia, Snake, and Yakima rivers meet. Its scenery and culture are as varied as its geography.

Prosser and Beyond:

With 53.27% Hispanic or Latino people, Prosser is the last city on our list of important Hispanic or Latino cities in Washington. Hispanic and Latino people have an impact on many other cities as well, which adds to the culture diversity of the state.

Washington State:

With 13.5% of its people being Hispanic or Latino, Washington State is the 15th most Hispanic or Latino state in the US. This variety shows that the state is committed to being welcoming and shows how important Hispanic and Latino groups are to its social fabric.

In Summary

In Washington State, the variety of Hispanic and Latino communities is not just a number; it’s a living tapestry of cultures, customs, and identities. Cities like Toppenish, Prosser, and others in the Pacific Northwest show how to be welcoming and have a lot of different kinds of culture. Let’s celebrate the mix of cultures that makes Washington State truly special as we continue to value diversity.

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