Here Are 5 Reasons Why New Mexico is Not Your Dream Destination


New Mexico, which is sometimes called the “Land of Enchantment,” has a fascinating mix of diverse history, a lively arts scene, and beautiful scenery.

However, like any place, it has problems that might make people not want to live there. Here are seven surprising facts that show why some people don’t want to move to New Mexico:

1. Higher rates of crime

New Mexico always has a high crime rate, which includes both serious and property crimes. This can be a big turnoff for families and people who are thinking about moving.

2. Concerns about education

The state’s public school system is often ranked lower than those in other U.S. states. One group that might be worried about this is families with school-age children.

New Mexico has an above-average jobless rate, even though the economy is growing in some places. There may not be many job possibilities, especially in rural areas.

3. Limited Access to Health Care

It can be hard to get medical care, especially in rural parts of the state. Compared to other states, there are fewer healthcare services per person in this one.

4. Not enough water

New Mexico is one of the driest states in the U.S., so it has a hard time getting enough water, which affects everything from the cost of utilities to the ability to enjoy outdoor activities.

A big part of New Mexico is made up of country areas. Some people might like this, but others might find it hard to be alone and not have access to city services.

5. Problems with the Environment

New Mexico has problems with the environment, like floods and forest fires. These natural events can make people not want to move.

Even though these facts may come as a surprise, it’s important to remember that many people love living in New Mexico and appreciate its unique culture, history, and natural beauty.

People who want to move to this state should carefully think about the pros and cons before making a choice.


New Mexico, known as the “Land of Enchantment,” offers diverse history, arts, and beautiful scenery. However, it has high crime rates, low education, high joblessness, limited healthcare access, drier water, and environmental issues like floods and forest fires.

Despite these challenges, many people appreciate New Mexico’s unique culture, history, and natural beauty.

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