HEARTBREAKING LOSS! Denham Springs Woman Killed in Mississippi Motorcycle Collision


During a collision in Mississippi that involved many motorcycles, a woman from Denham Springs found herself tragically losing her life.

The collision took place on Interstate 10 in Harrison County at approximately five o’clock on Sunday, May 26, according to the authorities.

It has been determined by the Mississippi Highway Patrol that the deceased individual is Amanda Holden, who was 43 years old and from Denham Springs.

The victim’s husband, Roy Dale Holden Jr., was riding a motorbike on the highway in the direction of eastbound traffic when the accident occurred, according to the authorities. The passenger was a 16-year-old. In addition, they stated that the adolescent accidentally fell from the moving motorcycle.

According to the authorities, Amanda Holden was also traveling east on the freeway when she swerved to avoid colliding with the teenager during the collision. Two additional motorcycles swerved out of the way as well.

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The Mississippi Highway Patrol reports that Amanda Holden was involved in a collision and tragically passed away at the scene of the accident due to the injuries she sustained.

An ambulance was used to transport two individuals away from the area, and two other individuals were transported by helicopter.

According to the inquiry, the crash is still ongoing.

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