Hawaiian Landowner in Court After Unwarranted $500k Home Construction


A woman in Puna, Hawaii, is being sued because of a building accident that caused a house to be built on her land without her knowledge. Annaleine Reynolds was shocked to find that a brand-new house had been built on the land she bought at a county tax sale in 2018 for $22,500. She has strong religious feelings about the land, and at first, she planned to use it for women’s meditative healing vacations.

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Reynolds was living in California. She was going to use her property remotely when, without her knowledge, the land was cleared and a $500,000 house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms was built on it. The shocking news came from a real estate agent who told her that the house on her land was being sold.

This caused hurried talks to find a solution to the unprecedented situation. PJ’s Construction, which was hired by Keaau Development Partnership to build about a dozen homes in the area, made the mistake. The builder had bought several lots in the development. Still, one house was built on Reynolds’ land because of a mix-up. KKTV reports that lot identification was based on marks on telephone poles.

Things got more confusing when the developers sued Reynolds. They gave her two choices: they could trade her land for one next to it, or they could give her the house that was built wrong at a lower price. But Reynolds turned down both choices, which led to a court case. James DiPasquale, her lawyer, told Hawaii News Now that the situation was ridiculous.

“A dangerous precedent would be set if you could go onto someone else’s land, build anything you want, and then sue that person for the value of it,” he said. Reynolds has now sued the developer back for “unauthorized construction” on her land.

Reynolds is dealing with a legal matter right now and is waiting for a court ruling. A mistake during building put a $500,000 house on her land without her permission, which caused the problem. Because of this, she is having problems she didn’t expect, like higher bills and squatters moving in.

While the court makes a ruling, Reynolds is dealing with problems he didn’t expect, like higher taxes and the arrival of squatters. These problems happened because of a mistake in the building process that put a $500,000 house on her land without her permission.

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