Girlfriend of Serial Killer Discovers His Dark Secrets: ‘HE DRUGGED ME WITHOUT MY KNOWING’


Living in the normally peaceful Chicago suburbs, Bruce Lindahl hid several secrets, including one from a woman he dated.

Sherry Hopson had no notion that the man she was dating was a serial killer. During their time together, however, she began to notice some unusual behaviors from Lindahl.

In the most recent edition of People Magazine Investigates: Surviving a Serial Killer, Hopson discusses her interactions with Lindahl.

Lindahl, the killer at the core of the episode “Surviving the Handsome Devil,” is known to have killed at least four people, while the true figure is likely significantly higher. Lindahl, who died in 1981 after murdering an 18-year-old male, was also involved in several sexual assaults.

Hopson noted Lindahl’s wrath early on, as she discusses in a program clip.

“Bruce would get angry very easily whenever I said no,” Hopson says. “He had a temper on him, a very, very quick temper.”

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Hopson recalls an occasion in which she discovered another woman’s earring in Lindahl’s car and confronted him about it.

“He took it out of my hand and he said, ‘It’s my sister’s earring,'” Hopson recalls. “And he rolled down the window and threw it out.”

Hopson was startled that Lindahl would discard an earring he said belonged to his sister, and he responded that his sister “didn’t need it.” There were other troubling signals.

“Sexually, he got a little rough,” Hopson says. “There were times when I woke up and never remembered falling asleep.”And I’d wake up late for work, and a couple of times I’d be so drowsy that I thought, ‘Oh my God, I can’t wake up.'”

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Lindahl answered by advising her not to worry since it will wear off.

“Now I look back at that and think, the guy drugged me and I didn’t know,” Hopson recounts.

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