Georgia WOMAN ARRESTED After Allegedly Attempting to FLUSH NEWBORN at IHOP


A Georgia woman was arrested for reportedly attempting to flush her newborn baby down the toilet at an IHOP restaurant in Kentucky.

According to WBKO, on May 29th, 2024, the Bowling Green Police Department got an alarming report from a witness at the IHOP on Scottsville Road. The caller claimed that a woman was bleeding and appeared to have miscarried. Even more concerning, the witness claimed to have observed the woman attempting to flush a newborn infant down the toilet.

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When police came, they discovered a deceased infant in the IHOP toilet. Witnesses described the woman, later identified as Shaniqua D. Caldwell, 35, of Georgia, who reportedly fled the restaurant on foot while others called the police.

Caldwell was apprehended shortly after arriving at a neighboring motel. Caldwell made a number of strange and seemingly contradictory remarks while speaking with police.
She denied being pregnant and stated that she hadn’t had sexual intercourse in at least six years.

According to the site, Caldwell also made the unusual claim that she was linked to famous people like Michael Jordan and Denzel Washington.
Caldwell rejected medical treatment or evaluation, despite the officers’ concern for her well-being and the fact that she had likely just given birth.

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Shaniqua Caldwell was charged with a minor offense: hiding the birth of an infant. However, the investigation into the unfortunate event is still ongoing, and additional charges may be filed pending the outcome of the infant’s autopsy.

The autopsy is expected to reveal critical details about the reason and timing of the baby’s death, potentially leading to more serious charges against Caldwell. Authorities have stated that they are dedicated to thoroughly investigate the case and ensuring justice is served.

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