Georgia Traffic Rule 2024 Latest Update: Recognizing the Right Turn on Red Rules


Georgia is one of the states where drivers can turn right at a red light unless there is a sign prohibiting it. However, from January 1, 2024, there will be certain adjustments to this provision that drivers must be aware of. Here’s all you need to know about Georgia’s new right-turn on red regulation.

What’s the New Rule?

The new regulation states that cars can only turn right on red at junctions designated with a special traffic light – a green arrow pointing right followed by the words “Right Turn on Red Allowed.” This signal shows that the junction has been planned and tested to guarantee that turning right on red is safe and does not disrupt other vehicles or pedestrians.

Drivers must still come to a complete stop before the red light and yield to any pedestrians or approaching vehicles at the crosswalk or junction. Drivers must also respect any additional signs or signals that appear at the crossing, such as “No Turn on Red” or “Right Turn Signal.”

Why Are the Rules Changing?

Georgia’s traffic rules are altering to increase safety and efficiency. Turning right on red, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), can lead to collisions with other cars, pedestrians, bicycles, and other road users, particularly in densely populated metropolitan areas with complicated junctions. Turning right on red can increase emissions and fuel consumption since vehicles must stop and accelerate more frequently.

The new regulation seeks to mitigate these negative effects by limiting right turns on red to junctions that have been thoroughly examined and authorized by GDOT. The new regulation also supports the Vision Zero campaign, a global drive to eradicate traffic fatalities and serious injuries via better road design and policy.

How Will This Rule Affect Drivers?

The regulation will affect drivers in various ways, depending on where they travel and how frequently they face the new signal. Drivers who typically travel in rural regions or on highways may not notice a significant difference, as most of these crossings already have signs prohibiting right turns on red. Drivers in metropolitan areas or on local roads may need to change their driving habits and pay more attention to the new signal, since certain crossroads that previously allowed right turns on red may no longer do so.

The law may also have an impact on drivers’ journey time and convenience, as they may have to wait longer at some junctions or take alternate routes to avoid them. However, GDOT maintains that the regulation will not significantly increase congestion or delay because the new signal would be integrated with the existing traffic signal system and designed for traffic flow and demand at each junction.


To summarize, from January 1, 2024, Georgia’s right-turn-on-red regulation will be adjusted to allow such turns only at specified intersections with a specific traffic signal reading “Right Turn on Red Allowed.” The update intends to increase safety, minimize crashes, and coincide with the Vision Zero effort, which focuses on better road design and legislation to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries. This change will compel drivers to adjust to the new signal system, especially in urban areas, therefore improving overall road safety and efficiency.

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