Georgia Senate Amends Student-athlete Mental Health Bill With Transgender Athlete Restrictions


On Tuesday night, the Senate Education Chairman amended an existing bill to address student-athlete mental health.

Chairman Clint Dixon (R) suggested revisions to House Bill 1104, intending to capitalize on its momentum. The modifications would prohibit Georgia transgender athletes from competing on sports teams that do not match their biological sex. The new bill also requires transgender pupils to use separate locker rooms and restrooms, and it prohibits sex education before sixth grade.

“The state needs to protect females who participate in sports… “What you’re biologically born with or what’s on your birth certificate–the gender you are when you are born–if you’re a boy, you can’t play in girl’s sports,” Dixon explained.

The move resulted in a “Frankenbill.” It effectively alters the aim of the bill.

The original bill’s goal was to collect mental health data so that parents and coaches could help athletes improve their mental health. State Rep. Omari Crawford (D), the bill’s original sponsor, stated that he can no longer support his legislation.

According to Isabelle Phillips of the Georgia Youth Justice Coalition, the measure damages schoolchildren.

“The only thing transgender kids witness from their lawmakers is hatred and anger. Phillips stated that as a youth-focused group, we will care for our community even when legislators are not there.

The law still requires a majority vote in the Senate and another vote in the House to pass, but Dixon believes it will pass with a Republican majority.

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