Giuliani’s Financial Strain: Former Mayor Appeals to Newsmax Host for Loan Following $148 Million Defamation Judgment


A jury gave $148 million to two election workers in their defamation claim against Rudy Giuliani just hours ago. He then went on Newsmax and asked host Greg Kelly a question.

Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, two election workers from Georgia, sued Giuliani in December 2020. He said that they were “obviously passing around USB ports as if they were vials of heroin or cocaine.” Giuliani said those things helped fix the 2020 presidential race in Georgia, but they turned out to be mints.

Because of the lie, Freeman and Moss got a lot of threats.

In August, a federal judge ruled in their favor and said Giuliani was guilty of defamation because he wouldn’t follow court orders. He was fined $148 by the jury on Friday, but Giuliani will have a hard time coming up with anything close to that.

“Please give me $148 million!” Kelly yelled after Giuliani joined Greg Kelly Reports on Friday night.

“Greg, do you have any cash you could lend me?” Giuliani replied and then laughed.

Kelly talked about Giuliani’s crazy press conference after the jury made its decision and said, “It seems totally ludicrous.” “After the decision, I thought you were great. What are your thoughts at this moment?”

His answer was, “How can you not be so sad for the country?” “This is where I am in the District of Columbia. I got chills the first time I came here. When I leave this court, I will think that the District of Columbia is a Nazi court.

Giuliani has attacked the judge in the case many times, and his legal approach was not very good.

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